Two Quick Lightroom Tips

Lightroom iconPick/RejectMany times, I'll end a shoot with dozens (hundreds?) of pictures, which can feel a little overwhelming. After playing with using a star rating system or color-coding my photos, I've found the fastest way to sift through the images and quickly sort the keepers from the losers is by using the status flags. Here's how:

  1. Import your images and make sure you're viewing unflagged images only. This ensures your picks and rejected photos will be automatically removed from the filmstrip upon selection. I find this helps me keep track of images I've already addressed.
  2. For each image, click P to keep it or X to reject it. I am fairly ruthless at this stage -- if an image is out of focus or I don't like to composition, I will go ahead and reject it. If several images look good, I will use the Compare and Survey views to make sure I'm picking the best image of the bunch.
  3. Now switch the flag so you're viewing rejected photos and delete all of these. No use in wasting space on lackluster images. Once finished, I turn off the status flags so only my picks remain.

I find this simple keep/reject system enables me to quickly sift through large numbers of photos without getting stuck on arbitrary star ratings.

Quick Black & White Check This one is really easy. From the library or develop modules, select an image and hit the V key. The image will be converted to grayscale. Hit V again to switch back. This is a super easy way to quickly gauge how an image will look in black and white before performing a more thorough conversion.