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Updated Gallery

Just a quick note to let you know that we recently updated our gallery. Pop on over to the Little Sprout Photography homepage to take a look at some of our latest images. San Diego Baby Photography.

Lightroom Workflow Tips

Came across an interesting post on a few Lightroom timesavers. We also use the clarity brush for sharpening and have brushes set up for dodging and burning (and softening skin, whitening teeth, etc...) -- some good tips here; definitely worth a read.

Speaking of Lightroom...

Here's an interview with fellow San Diego photographers, the Boudoir Divas discussing their photography business. I found this fascinating:

We are happy to say that our post-procession workflow is now completely streamlined… to the point that we are able to do same-day viewings for ALL of our shoots! Here’s how it goes: Immediately after a session, we have our client leave the studio for an hour, to go grab lunch or a cup of coffee… and while they’re gone, we download their images and edit and process in Lightroom, using presets that we’ve created to go with all of our distinct sets and lighting set-ups. When the client returns in one hour, we have her proofs all ready to go...

We're not able to turn our images around that quickly because our image processing workflow involves a lot of handcrafted dodging and burning, but, wow, that's impressive.